CLX Therapy Bands

CLX Therapy Bands

Tools to help you heal faster.

CLX Therapy Bands

The TheraBand CLX Resistance Band with Loops is a groundbreaking latex-free, powderless professional-grade resistance training band. The specially designed rubber allows almost anyone to use these bands as part of their rehabilitation process or training regimen. These rubber resistance bands are perfect for people with latex allergies or hospitals, offices, or facilities that have a “no latex policy”.


All-in-One product does the work of bands, loops, tubing with handles, and door anchors. Available in 5 ft. pre-cut lengths and 25 yd. Bulk Rolls.


Built-in consecutive loops allow for unlimited exercise options. Easy Grip Loops make home exercise less complicated.


Follows the authentic TheraBand Trusted Progression and is NOT made with Natural Rubber Latex.

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